Kid Rock

Clarence Clemons



The “Magic City” otherwise known as Miami is a place where people from all walks of life arrive to live and search for the American dream.  Miami is home to celebrities, athletes, immigrants, and one of the most unique societies within the world.  Miami is also home to Gary Raab.

Born and raised in the “Magic City” Gary Raab is a television host for Miami music television.  Raab got his start in the entertainment industry shortly after graduating from Florida State University with a degree in business marketing.  Upon graduating from FSU Gary founded a digital marketing agency by the name of 327 promotions inc.

Months after starting 327 promotions Raab pitched his idea of hosting Mmtv to Bruce knight and was tasked with getting an interview with kid rock.  Gary was able to attain an interview with kid rock and because of which became the tv host of Miami music television.  Raab has interviewed various notable musicians including but not limited to Kid Rock, Flo Rida, Clarence Clemons, David Cassidy, Kevin Lyttle, Acehood, Tech N9ne, …etc.  In fact Gary Raab was the last tv personality to interview Clarence Clemons prior to his passing.