Billy Blue

If your from Miami you’ve probably already heard the name Billy Blue.  He’s been keeping the Miami hip hop scene litt.  Blue will be going on tour with Lupe Fiasco again soon so I thought this would be a good time to go ahead and show some respect to the Miami native.  Billy Blue is one of my favorite rappers and one you should look out for.  He’s already got a couple of anthems such as “When You Hood You Good”, “I’m Just Me”, “I’ll Be Around” and the latest hit record “Fundamentals”.

Blue is destined for greatness.  He speaks from the heart and his vibe is real.  Blue can tell you how it is while telling you why it is and at the same time get you thinking about what can be.   If you haven’t heard fundamentals yet listen to the video above and you’ll see what I mean.

I got the chance to meet and interview Billy Blue a while back(see video below).  He’s a down to earth person and shows respect to those who show him love.  His DJ, DJ Smokey is another artist to look out for but that is another post all together.  Get pumped, get hyped Billy Blue is bringing something new to the hip hop scene that I am sure you will like.

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