Re-enter GhostWridah.  Yeah that’s right I said “re-enter”.  If your from Miami you’ve already heard the name but you probably were wondering where he went.  I’ll go [...]

Ronnie Vop

Ronnie VOP might be the best unsigned R&B artist that I have had the pleasure of meeting with. Dude has massive talent!  If you haven’t heard the name yet consider this your [...]

Billy Blue

If your from Miami you’ve probably already heard the name Billy Blue.  He’s been keeping the Miami hip hop scene litt.  Blue will be going on tour with Lupe Fiasco again soon so I [...]

PBG Miami

PBG Miami, if you haven’t heard the name before consider this your introduction to what could be a lasting heavy weight in the hip hop arena.  PBG possesses a certain swagger that is hard to [...]