PBG Miami

PBG Miami, if you haven’t heard the name before consider this your introduction to what could be a lasting heavy weight in the hip hop arena.  PBG possesses a certain swagger that is hard to emulate.  With such raw talent he certainly brought the house down at his single release party for “Paidah” on September 20th.  The press was out, the DJs were shaking hands, and everyone in the building was a heavy hitter in the Dade County hip hop community.  The event itself was hosted by the legendary multi-platinum duo Cool and Dre.

We went behind the scenes with PBG and producers Cool and Dre to find out more about the newest miami hip hop talent.  PBG described his vibe as “truthful” and “100% real”.  PBG went on to recount the shades he was wearing when he came up with concept behind the song “Paidah”.  I didn’t get a chance to see those shades but I bet they were on another level, as it is fair to say the track entitled “Paidah” had the whole crowd moving.  PBG explained that “teamwork made the dream work” when relating his relationship with Cool and Dre and coming up with the track.  PBG went on the explain how “thankful” he was to work with Cool and Dre and said that it was a “blessing” to him and his family to have had the opportunity.  Cool recognized PBG’s energy and positivity and how that affected the work they put in.  Cool also said that that the record “Paidah” was a day in the life of PBG, which leads me to believe he must have one hell of a life.

After meeting with PBG and Cool and Dre we got the opportunity to meet DJs from across the 305 and beyond.  We got to shake hands with the program director of 99 Jamz Jill Strada.  DJ Smokey of Poe Boy was in attendance who chopped it up with us about the future tour dates he has with Billy Blue and Lupe Fiasco.  To be honest there were too many important people at this event to name in one article, but let’s just say everyone out there was there in support of PBG.  It was a great event, and we look forward to hearing more from the talent know as PBG Miami, bet the house on that.

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